Know Your Rights and Obligations As a Tenant During a Pandemic.



Are you struggling to pay your rent because of COVID-19?

Know your rights and obligations as a tenant during a pandemic.

Tenants must:

1. Pay rent in a timely manner

2. Keep the property clean and safe, and not intentionally damage the property.

3. Comply with housing, health, and safety codes.

4. Act in a reasonable manner that does not disturb any neighbors.

5. Allow the landlord to enter the property if reasonable notice is given

6. Monitor any guests so they do not harm the property or disturb the neighbors



A Landlord must:

1.      Provide a clean and safe property in livable condition.

2.      Comply with building, housing, health, and safety codes.

3.      Make reasonable repairs to the property.

4.      Maintain all appliances and equipment supplied by the landlord.

5.      Provide utilities listed in the lease agreement.

6.      Provide at least 24 hours’ notice before entering a tenant’s property.

7.      May evict a tenant for non-payment of rent, violation of the terms of a lease agreement, or reasonable cause to believe the tenant is involved with illegal substances.

How to talk to your landlord about rent during the pandemic:

·         Talk to your landlord as soon as possible.

·         Address why you cannot pay your rent, and how you have tried to obtain additional funds.

·         Ask for an extension on your rent or implementing a payment plan.

·         Any new agreements need to be in writing!


The CDC and HHS have issued an Order to temporarily halt evictions through 3/31/21 to prevent the further spread of COVID-19. For the form you need to file to halt your eviction due to COVID-19 under this Order, please visit:  Declaration Under Penalty of Perjury for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's Temporary Halt in Evictions to Prevent Further Spread of COVID-19 (